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Our story began with a community of avid gamers who share a passion for precision hardware. This same passion is what drives us to innovate, giving birth to our brand of unparalleled gaming peripherals.

As ardent enthusiasts of not only gaming, but also gaming accessories, we understand the desire for a flawless experience. This love, coupled with our technical expertise, is what led us to develop a line of unparalleled hardware that allows players to achieve their full potential.
About Us
Founded in 2023, we are a new consumer brand for the emerging ecosystem segment, focused on creating high-end gaming peripherals customized for all PC gaming enthusiasts.
Our Mission
We are committed to providing gamers with an unprecedented experience by crafting mechanical keyboards that are comfortable to use, easy to customize, and designed to meet individual needs. Each key is a carefully designed work of art, and each key is a footprint on the road to perfection.
Our Positioning
Telling-me explores to create comfortable and eco-friendly mechanical keyboards and customization scenarios for gamers and users around the world who love customized keyboards. Our products are designed to be modern and timeless, using only the finest materials for durability and achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics, strength, comfort and superior performance.
Our Value
"Built for gamers, by gamers to reach new horizons. Unique, customizable, and perfectly tailored to you." The essence of our brand philosophy is what drives us forward to break conventions and create exceptional products.

Telling-me is customer-centric, constantly updating and optimizing for customer needs, and strives to create custom keyboards, peripherals, and peripheral products that best meet the needs of our customers.
Our Commitment
From our brand's inception to our development journey, we remain committed to the mission of creating the ultimate gaming experience. Every product is a culmination of our dedication and efforts, each collaboration a mutual drive to advance alongside players. We will continue to innovate, exceed our limits, and forge broader horizons for players.
Our brand is your choice.
Our story is your experience.
This is our brand story, a legend collectively crafted by gaming enthusiasts. Our origin, mission, and journey, as well as the belief encapsulated in "Built for gamers, by gamers to reach new horizons," will continue to guide us to pursue perfection, in creating a better gaming world for players.
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About Us
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